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Size:5 oz

urkish coffee was first introduced into Turkey around 1540 or so. History tells us that it was introduced by the Turkish Governor. The Sultan?s staff decided to try a new method for preparing the drink. They used mortars to finely ground the coffee and then brewed it using a special pot called an Ibrik. It was immediately a big hit in the palace and became an integral part of Turkish history and culture. The mansions of the elite were the first to get to try this great new beverage. Later it was consumed by the masses and eventually the whole Ottoman Empire. It was soon being prepared by coffee professionals. They were employed by many palaces as well as by high ranking officials and wealthy citizens. Perhaps a prelude to modern day baristas

It’s All Made of Thick Copper. Outside is Hammered, Completely Handmade.
Best Quality from Turkey , 5 OZ / 148 ml
INSTRUCTIONS: Add Cold Water. Add enough cold water to reach just beneath the neck of your ibrik. Add sugar if needed. Add cardamom if preferred. Add coffee, about 1 teaspoon per 2 ounces. Bring to boil and remove just before it boils over. Remove from heat for a few seconds, repeat. Repeat about four times. This process will bring a natural foam on top. The best coffee has its own froth/foam on top. No milk is needed for this coffee.


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