Color:Rosewooden ?|? Size:51mm

Coffee Bottomless Handle portafilters allow you to see the espresso as it exits the basket. This allows you to immediately identify any faults in your dosing or tamping technique. For example, you may be tamping slightly unevenly without realising it; with a bottomless portafilter you will see espresso leaving one side of the basket before the other side instead of it appearing evenly, something which would be impossible to gauge with a spouted portafilter.

If you’re serious about espresso, eventually you’ll decide that you need a bottomless portafilter. You’ll be able to see the extraction in real time to understand if you’re grinding and tamping correctly.

If you want to improve your barista skills by using a visual aid to identify what you’re doing wrong, this is the perfect espresso portafilter handle. Be prepared to do a number of test-runs before you get it right.

If you want to show off your visitors big-time, this is definitely the right tool. As long as you got the extraction flow right, there’s isn’t anything more visually appealing than making espresso with a 51mm bottomless portafilter.?

As the shot pulls, you can see the droplets of espresso forming on the bottom of the basket. You can then see the stream flowing down into your cup. It?s incredible!

This 51mm naked portafilter suites for DeLonghi series EC680 and EC685.

Noted: DOES NOT WORK with 58MM DeLonghiDual Boiler, Oracle or Oracle Touch.

Product Feature
Material: 18/8 Stainless Steel(#304), natural wood
Weight: 363 g
Size: 51mm portafilter

Package Includes
—Bottomless portafilter 51mm
—Non pressurized basket

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