Super Fresh / Premium Roasted To Order Espresso Coffee ? 7 Bags/8 oz Each ? Customer Favorites Combo Asian Twist ? Champion ? Crema Queen ? Golden ? Northern Italy ? Southern Italy ? Wild Africa Standard Roast Is Med-Dark /Whole Bean ? (Or Message At Checkout For A Different Roast Level) Roasted For Maximum Sweetness / Flavor Nuance (Unique Bean Taste Notes) In Cup ? At Each Roast Level These Coffees Are Specifically Blended/Roasted For Use In ? Espresso Machines ? Lattes/Cappuccinos

CHOOSING YOUR ROAST ? Light Roast ? end of first crack ? Blonde Roast ? a sweeter light roast ? Medium Roast ? our sweetest roast ? Med/Dark Roast ? our standard roast ? Dark Roast ? rich robust taste ? Italian Roast ? intensely robust taste. Our state-of-the-art coffee roasters utilize highly developed precise roasting profiles for each roast level. This results in maximum sweetness/flavor nuance (taste notes) at each roast level. 1) 7-bag Espresso Combo with 1 bag each of Asian Twist Espresso, Champion Espresso, Crema Queen Espresso, Golden Espresso, Northern Italy Espresso, Southern Italy Espresso, Wild Africa Espresso. ASIAN TWIST – is a great fruity/chocolaty espresso, with moderate acidity. CHAMPION – has rich, earthy, tobacco, chocolate notes. CREMA QUEEN – has sweet thick crema with a cane syrup like sweetness. GOLDEN ? is nutty and smooth, with notes of apricot, strawberry. NORTHERN ITALY ? is very chocolaty in taste, accented with dark fruit notes. SOUTHERN ITALY ? is bright with blackberry and spice notes. WILD AFRICA ? is wonderfully bright, sweet, and fruity in the cup. 2) ABOUT US ? We are award-winning family operated coffee supplier. We search the world over for the very best coffee beans we can find. Our coffees are grown by farmers who practice sustainable farming and encourage biodiversity. We buy from partners who treat workers well, pay fairly. Over the years we?ve found that those who are committed to these goals grow coffees with the finest taste and highest quality. 3) SHIPPING ? We ship within 24 hours Monday?Friday (excluding holidays) by USPS Priority with a 2-3 day delivery time. 4) SATISFACTION ? Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed. We work very hard to fulfill your order perfectly every time but if we make mistake, we will gladly make right for you. 5) CONTACT US ? Please message us anytime we are always here to help!


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