Cafflano Go-Brew is a versatile bottle with full of functionalities, pour-over coffee brewing set, beverage bottle and eco-friendly take-away cup, pumped up with its super-sustainability. 2019 Berlin SCA World of Coffee Awards- Best New Product (Consumer Equipment Non-Electrical) Dripper + Stand/Cup Sleeve + Server/Cup + Cap + Filter papers in a single bottle (25 FREE Paper Filters included in the package!) Everywhere you go becomes a cafe with Go-Brew. And bring ?Go-Brew? into cafes and Save the Earth! Join us to reduce disposable paper/plastic cups! 6 Colors : Black, Red, Ivory, Pink, Lilac, Mint

2019 Berlin SCA World of Coffee – Best New Product (Consumer Equipment Non-Electrical)

Product Description

– Maximum portability & Easy cleaning
– Made with Bioplastic ECOZEN*, Silicon, Polypropylene
??* ECOZEN is a bio-based, heat-resistant, and transparent bio-copolyester.(SK Chemicals)
– Carry reusable ‘Go-Brew’ with any beverage to save environment from PET bottles
– Fill up filtered water from tap/refill stations and save disposable PET bottles

Product Spec

? Weight : 290g (Package Weight : 380g)
? Dimension : 200mm x 80mm
? Capacity : Cup (270mL / 380mL), Bottle (500mL)
? Material : Bioplastic , Silicon, Polypropylene
? Packge : Dripper, Stand/Cup Sleeve, Server/Cup, Cap, 20 Free Filter papers


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