BECAUSE COFFEE LOVERS ARE CAT LOVERS TOO! There is nothing like cozying up with a fluffy cat on a chilly morning, and there?s nothing like a fresh, hot cup of coffee, so why not enjoy them together? Our two piece Totem coffee dripper sets utilize the 3 hole design dripper we introduced years ago with a matching 16 oz Venti style mug, to create a perfect coffee brewing system that will please the most discerning coffee enthusiast.
WHAT IS THIS POUR OVER COFFEE CRAZE ALL ABOUT? Surely you?ve seen Pour Over Coffee on the menu boards at popular coffee shops, but you?ve probably wondered why they are charging up to $6 a cup. Well, single cup brewing takes a tiny bit of craft and a little more time than pouring a cup from a coffee pot. Keep reading?
HOW DOES IT WORK? Simple. Take a size #2 coffee filter (available here on Amazon) and place in the top dripper. Wet it with some hot water, let it flow through and discard the water. Add approximately 2-3 Tbs of your favorite ground coffee (this will vary depending on the coffee, the grind, and your taste) then slowly pour water from a kettle in a circular motion over the coffee, the brewed coffee will then flow down into the cup.
SUPERIOR COFFEE, DELIGHTUL PRESENTATION With our cat themed coffee filter cone, you can create your own hand crafted coffee, and be reminded of your favorite furry friend. Makes a great gift for cat lovers and owners, cat sitters, the crazy cat lady, even your favorite veterinarian. It?s the perfect Christmas gift for cat lovers.
LOVE IT OR YOUR MONEY BACK If for any reason you do not find this coffee maker just purrrfect, contact us directly for a 100% no hassle Money Back Guarantee. Because cats and coffee should be loved, and no one has time for hassles.


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