PERFECT COFFEE: This innovative coffee system features Cold Brew, Pour Over, and French Press options in one convenient nesting set CUSTOMIZE YOUR EXPERIENCE: Pick whichever method of brewing you prefer and is most appropriate for the beans you’ve selected STURDY CONSTRUCTION: Borosilicate glass vessels offer superior durability, heat resistance, and won’t add un-wanted flavors to the coffee A GREAT GIFT: Set includes a pour over cone, french press filter, and two uniquely designed craft coffee brewers for your favorite coffee connoisseur COMPACT DESIGN: Easy to store, hand washable

This 3-in-1 craft Coffee brewing system fits all The classics into one compact glass brewing Set. Perfect for a cup of pour over, or maybe you’d like a cold-brew, or how about a cup of French press Coffee. Whatever the Method, This Set does it all and then easily stores away. For over 30 years, Chef’n has designed tools that allow home cooks to delight in preparing food as much as in the moments spent around the dinner table.

Coffeehouse by Chef’n is steeped in the craft Coffee culture of our home town, Seattle. It is designed to be a tasteful take on design and function, and we aim to add flavor and fun to craft Coffee brewing at home.

Chef?n products carry a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Chef?n tools and gadgets are designed to be powerful in their simplicity, so that you can delight in simple food prep tasks as much as in the moments spent around the table. Less time prepping, more time enjoying. We create products that make experimentation in the kitchen approachable and fun for the chef in all of us. We aim to inspire creativity and shareable experiences in the kitchen. Our tools are approachable so that everyone can experience a healthy-ish lifestyle through intentional at-home food prep. The Chef?n design team focuses on solving problems in the kitchen with innovative, clever solutions. The result is high quality, well designed products that promote and encourage cooking and eating with family and friends at home. We want food prep to be less tedious and more enjoyable for you so that time in your kitchen can be a delicious experience to share. With playful prep and clever cooking let?s make healthy meals and happy kitchens!


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