PERFECT COFFEE: This silicone coffee stir stick and timer brews french press coffee to blissful perfection, every time.

We like our french press coffee just right, which means 4 minutes of perfect brewing time – no more, no less. Our Switchit french press stirrer and timer helps us craft the perfect cup of french press coffee every time. The stirrer agitates grounds, while the fan-favorite Switchit body design features a 4 minute built-in digital timer. Simply stir, sip and enjoy! After you’ve enjoyed that essential cup, scrape out the coffee grinds using the slim, curved stir stick design. For over 30 years, Chef’n has designed tools that allow home cooks to delight in preparing food as much as in the moments spent around the dinner table. CoffeeHouse by Chef’n is steeped in the craft coffee culture of our home town, Seattle. Designed as a tasteful take on design and function, we aim to add flavor and fun to craft coffee brewing at home.


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