Flavor Name:Coconut

Chocolate with a crunch.

Creamy, ?stone-ground milk chocolate and unsweetened coconut flakes make for a perfect marriage of flavors for our artisanal milk chocolate coconut bark? flavor! Like all ChocZero products, ?it’s low in net carbs and contains no sugar alcohols.

By taking sugar and soy out of the equation, we’ve? created y?our gateway back into sweet.?? Try our keto bark today!

?A milk chocolate coconut bark with no added sugar, no sugar alcohols?, and no artificial sweeteners. Sweetened exclusively with ??monk fruit.
Low ?net ?carb?: only 3g net carbs per ?serving (1 ounce).
100% stone-ground ?premium cocoa beans ?for a unique creamy texture?.?
All natural, non-GMO, soy free and gluten free. Made proudly in the USA.


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