Debut Vegan Collection: Berry Berry (6), Chili Mango (6), Dark Espresso (6), Creamy Hazelnut (6) Organic, Non GMO, Fair Trade, No Added Gluten, Delicious! Chocolate truffles taste best when fresh. Our ?Use By? date is 3 weeks after the chocolates leave our kitchen, stored under refrigeration after they are received. ???????Always bring to room temperature at least an hour before enjoying.??????? Please make sure your order is not being delivered to a location where it will sit outside in the Heat, or be susceptible to Theft.

Berry Berry (6 pieces) Chili Mango (6 pieces) Creamy Hazelnut (6 pieces) Dark Espresso ((6 pieces) Organic, non gmo, fair trade, vegan, no added gluten. 66% Cacao Bittersweet Chocolate. Unique and exciting flavors for chocolate lovers! Crisp, perfectly tempered outer shell and divinely creamy interior. Elegantly packaged in beautiful high quality ?rigid set-up? boxes with ribbon and gift tag.


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