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The United States, Canada, Japan, Taiwan, 110V is only suitable for low-power appliances. 220V high-power appliances, need to install high-power voltage converter or voltage conversion socket at home (recommended to install 110V to 220V, output power 1500 ~ 3500W voltage conversion, can be applied to other North American high-power appliances). Currently, many US and Canadian homes have the necessary voltage converters.

Espresso machine 15Bar pump pressure coffee machine white retro espresso machine semi-automatic commercial milk machine

Product Name: Coffee Machine

Product Category: Kitchenware

Style: Italian coffee maker

Capacity: 1.25L

Applicable number: 5~10 people/cup

Applicable places: home, office, hotel, cafe

Village quality: stainless steel + ABS

Pressure: 15Bar

Voltage: 220V 50HZ (US, EU, Australia, UK only refers to the adapter plug)

Power: 1000W

Color: pearl white

Net weight: 3.6kg

Gross weight: 6.5Kg

Size: 28.8 * 20 * 31.4cm

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About this item
*Espresso machine, also known as “Italian coffee machine”
*The operating temperature of the espresso machine is 220V~250V. It is a high pressure pump that extracts coffee and high pressure steam to foam the milk. The coffee is made with a refined aroma and rich coffee oil.
* Ordinary coffee machine, no pumping function, working principle is like brewing coffee, the taste is simple.
* Espresso machines are widely used in North American, European, Asian home, office and commercial applications.


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