One 8 ounce box of milk chocolate covered truffles When it comes to memorable treats, Harry and David’s rich chocolate truffles represent the top tier of sweet decadence The silky smooth center of each truffle is cloaked in a layer of chocolate that melts in the mouth with a flavor that is timeless and delicious. These truffles make excellent components in gifts and are perfect at wedding receptions, buffets, and parties. Made in the USA.

At Harry & David, we?re proud of the quality ingredients and expert care we use in crafting all of our gifts. However, along with our famous pears, we think our truffles stand out among the extraordinary delicacies we offer, and that?s why we include truffle boxes in so many of our towers, baskets, and chocolate gift sets. These gourmet chocolates are an elegant addition to any holiday celebration, are a thoughtful way to show gratitude, and are the perfect any-occasion gift?especially for your favorite chocolate aficionado. We create our chocolate truffles using a time-tested chocolate recipe that has been delighting customers for decades. This recipe results in a smooth, creamy specialty chocolate that thrills the taste buds and pleases the palate. It?s perfect by itself, whether crafted from bittersweet dark chocolate or mouthwatering milk chocolate, and pairs well with a virtually endless number of flavors


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