[360 Degree Rotating Bracket] The height and angle of the stand can be adjusted freely to suit your coffee brewing habits. The base of the coffee drips is made of solid wood, with a vintage look that is stable and has a non-slip function. [ Gooseneck Coffee Pot]Easily achieve 90 degree right angle water flow during coffee brewing. Better protection of the coffee powder level when pouring hot water, so that the extraction of coffee becomes uniform. [1-4 cups Coffee Dripper] Designed for manual, pour-over style coffee brewing. User controls the flow, timing and temperature of the water for better brewing and Easy to use [600ml Coffee Server] Glass Coffee Carafe Designed exclusively for the popular pour over brewing method. The cone dripper’s interior ridges aid in water movement, and its glass body prevents heat loss. Rubber lid is also compatible to support the Ceramic Dripper. Dripper fits snugly atop the heat-proof, safe range server Easy to clean [ Paper filters] We ran so much tests to find the filter paper that left behind the least amount of “papery” taste. and makes the paper filters are not easy to separate. paper filters are designed specifically for coffee Dripper steep slope and its pour-and-go “fill-up” method of brewing. Each pack contains 1-2 cups mode filters for a delicious cup of coffee

Coffee server set Designed for manual, pour-over style coffee brewing.
Gooseneck Coffee Pot Easily achieve 90 degree right angle water flow during coffee brewing, extraction of coffee becomes uniform
Solid wood base and swivel bracket, freely adjust your favorite brewing angle and height, so that your brewing habits get the best choice.
a wood pulp paper filter that has undergone a deodorization papery process, Keep the most authentic and natural flavor of brewed coffee.
1-4 cups of coffee dripper, the texture of the inner wall is heightened, The poured hot water does not stay too long and the extraction is more effective and suitable.

Packing list: Coffee dripper, Glass Coffee Carafe, Solid wood base, Brass texture dripper Support frame, paper filter,gooseneck coffee kettle.

Dripper size: 1-4 cups
Coffee Server Carafe capacity: 600ml
coffee kettle capacity:600ml

The coffee set is especially suitable for coffee brewing enthusiasts and beginners. When you don’t know how to match the right coffee brewer, this well-matched hand-washed coffee dripper will suit you. If you have any questions, we look forward to your communication.


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