?Crema Espresso Classico,? premium Arabica and Robusta beans with a medium roast. This blend stimulates every coffee lover?s taste buds with its defined, intense aroma and very rich, persistent, dark brown crema. A bag of 1 kg (2 lb 3 oz), which makes 66 double espresso shots. AROMA: very intense & penetrating. CREMA: very rich, persistent, dark brown. FLAVOR: creamy, balanced, persistent bitter chocolate. ROAST LEVEL: 3 out of 5. PACKAGING: Imported from Vienna in a state of the art 100% recyclable packaging – nitrogen flushed, high-barrier air-tight foils, degassed with one-way valve. As Europe?s leading roaster, huge packaging investments were made to retain the freshness for a very long time (less than 2% oxygen). LEADING COMPANY: Julius Meinl is THE ambassador of UNESCO coffeehouse culture since 1862 (160 years) as the first roaster and constant innovation. Serves 70 countries and 40,000 customers daily. SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE: Fair Trade, Kosher Certified, 4 C Association, Rainforest Alliance. DIRECTIONS: Smooth and low in acidity & may be used for espresso (15g for double shot) or filter coffee and enjoyed throughout the day. Once opened, store in an air sealed container to retain the flavor.

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