European Confections was established in 2006 by Uri and Yaniv Zohar. We started our confectionery adventure when we created Elsa?s Story ? a family owned bakery of homemade cookies which was based in Israel. Using our vast knowledge of the chocolate and cookie market and our creative branding capabilities we are bringing Europe?s best and most interesting confections to the US. We now offer exclusively the famous Lazzaroni cookies, unique flavors of Italian chocolate truffles, German biscuits and home style Swiss specialties.?We bring Greek fruit preserves, 17% butter English Fudge and savory Dutch filled cheese puffs. For the health conscience customers, we offer Vegan “milk” chocolate from Germany,?Raw chocolates from Holland, innovative sweet veggie bars from the Czech Republic, organic and gluten free baking mixes, crackers and cookies.??We also carry a variety of spreads ? Almond butters in 4 flavors from Greece and unique Italian hazelnut spreads which are palm oil free and lactose free (vegan) as well as dark chocolate spreads. We are passionate about high quality confectionery with European tradition and a modern look and feel. We are serving the specialty food market across the US through our New Jersey based warehouse and will be happy to have you as our customer

Lazzaroni is a highly regarded historical Italian brand
It is one of Italy?s favorite cookies.
Established since 1888
This signature item has s subtle almond flavor and irresistible fresh crunch


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