Become a Barista at home and start your day with a perfect cup of coffee. The Zroden pitcher are perfectly designed for coffee and foaming milk.

Comfortable handle – The sturdy handle of milk pitcher is much safer and more comfortable to grip.<>
Measurement scale – The milk cup is marked with volume scales for ultimate control of how much milk or cream each cup of coffee needs, turn your milk or cream into delicious and fluffy foam. It also measure any sauces with the internal measurement markings.<>
Convenient Using – The stylish stainless steel finish enables you to use this jug for serving milk and cream for your guests. Suit for coffee lovers, suitable for home, kitchen, coffee shop, hotel etc.<>
Lightweight & Portable – Designed for one or two people. With a tiny shape, it is easy to carry and store. Compact design, making it convenient to carry to everywhere you travel.<>

Package Including: 1 x Milk Pitcher 1 x Latte Art Pen


How to Use:

?1. Heat the milk beforehand and then put in the pitcher ( half fill ) and froth it up by manual frother or machine frother as you like.

?2. Pour milk into your coffee, hold the milk pitcher, tilt the cup about 20 degrees. Slowly pour steamed milk directly into the espresso until the cup is full.

?3. Shape your coffee with the help of decorating art pen, and get what you want.


Practice makes perfect. You could also study to make a beautiful design from YouTube or your friends.



?1. Please do NOT put the metal milk jug into the microwave.

?2. Please refer to the measurement. Tiny measuring error is allowable in normal range.


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