ORGANIC Colombia Unroasted Green Coffee Beans Washed, Triple-Picked, Quality, 100% Arabica Fair Trade FTO 100% Certified Organic Trusted Specialty Brand: Aroma Craft Coffee

ORGANIC Colombia Unroasted Green Coffee Beans Triple-Picked, Specialty Colombia FTO Origin: Planadas, Tolima, Colombia Process: Washed Altitudes: 1,500-1,950 meters Cupping notes: Heavy chocolate with notes of nuts and orange zest. Full body. Clean finish. 1. Premium triple-picked Colombian FTO green coffee beans 2. 100% pure unroasted coffee beans 3. Trusted Specialty Brand “Aroma Craft Coffee” at 4. All of our beans are stored in the green grain pro bags. (multi-layer plastic bags that prolong the the storage life of green coffee beans and keep them fresh) 5. All green coffee beans will be packed in a clear sealed ziploc bag 6. US Seller, Ship from US **Attention: This is raw coffee, and you have to roast it before brewing.


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