RAW MADAGASCAR VANILLA BEANS – We bring in barrels of raw?vanilla?beans?sourced from Madagascar and use every piece of every?bean DOUBLE FILTER PROCESS – We split them, scrape the insides, chop the outsides, and use a double filter process to create an added richness VANILLA BEAN COFFEE – 1 OZ of our Vanilla Bean Syrup – 1 Solid Cup of Joe – Simple and Just Right! BREAKFAST EXCITEMENT – Use on your pancakes or waffles for an interesting twist on Breakfast HAWAIIAN SHAVED ICE – or liven up those Snow Cones

A dedication to taste experiences.
Developed in a 100-year old pink house, our team of alchemists founded Pink House Alchemy through the love of food and flavor. Inspired by complementary patterns in roots, barks, fruits, herbs, and botanicals, we work every day to find new and perfect connections between ingredients?and simple syrups, bitters, and shrubs are where we put these discoveries to the test.

SYRUPS (noun) a thick sweet liquid made by dissolving sugar and botanicals in boiling water; used as a flavoring additive in cocktails, coffee, sauces, and food.


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