Perfect way to try 14 types of Strong Robusta blend ESE Italian espresso pods imported from Italy. You get 40 pods total there all Medium Dark to Dark roast. Package box may varie in size and color, pods are all packed in a single zip lock pouch for easy opening and closing. Note any out of stock pods we will add either a duplicate or new pod out of the most expensive types. All single serve ESE pods are repackaged hand picked from Original manufacturers package.

You will receive 2-3 pods of each 15 types of ESE Pods to a total of 40 combined. 3 Barbera Superior, 3 El tostador Classic, 3 El Tostador Forte, 3 Izzo Gran Espresso, 3 Molinari oro, 3 Lucaffe’ Ospite, 3 Lucaffe Pulcinella, 3 Pera Dolce Aroma, 3 Pera Gran Crema, 3 Bristot, 3 Zicaffe Cremadensa, 2 Zicaffe Bar in Casa, 2 Zicaffe’ Gustofine.


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