: Material: stainless steel, usu304, aluminum, walnut, zinc alloy, food grade silica gel, capacity: 450ml, heat resistant glass, anti scalding, weight: 2.3kg?for 3-5 Espresso Cups 2021 The latest high-quality design, meticulous workmanship, elegant temperament, high-end atmosphere on the grade?Unique new design? Stainless steel body, delicate texture, not sticky fingerprint, not easy to burn black The filter nozzle can be disassembled and cleaned, leaving no residue and easy to clean High borosilicate heat-resistant glass material, high temperature resistant, easy to clean, goblet design, safety and environmental protection Walnut handle anti scalding smooth texture, strong and firm The bottom is made of walnut, durable and beautiful Coffee tea dual-purpose, multi-functional experience, fun manual operation, siphon Royal Belgian Italian coffee brewing pot?FLAVORFUL and CLEAN ? The coffee brewed with Balancing Siphon Coffee Maker is described as clean, great purity of flavo?Belgium Luxury Royal Family Balance Syphon Coffee Maker.?three colors optional?

Brewing Instruction. 1. Secure cloth filter to the filter head on the Siphon pipette and place it in the Brewing Flask (Glass). Insert the other end into the Vacuum Flask (Pot) firmly. Making sure it has a tight seal. 2. Add about 40g of medium fine coffee grounds to the Brewing Flask. Depend on liking. 3. Unscrew the Vacuum Flask?s Plug. Pour in 400 to 450 cc of cold or warm water with the measuring cup provided. Hand tight the Plug and ensure the sealing is good. 4. Push down Balance lever to rise the Vacuum Flask. Fully uncap open the Burner?s extinguisher. Lower the Vacuum Flask and rest the extinguisher cap against it. Light up the Burner and wait. 5. After all brewed coffee is being siphon back to the Vacuum Flask, break the flask vacuum by loosening the top plug. Coffee is serve through the faucet. Note: Fill Spirit Burner bottle up to 60% with denatured alcohol or spirit (not included). Extend the wink about quarter to half an inch above the lid before immersing the rest. Familiarize yourself with the brewing process without coffee grounds in order to yield optimal results. Use good fuel to prevent soothing. All stopper must be tight proper operation.


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