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CERTIFIED ORGANIC SHEA BUTTER – Rich in Vitamins A, E, and F to help collagen production and promote skin elasticity. Shea Butter softens, smooth?s, and helps strengthen skin.

CONDITION DAMAGED SKIN – Experience an intense exfoliation with Tree Hut Sugar Body Scrub with the luscious, tropical scent of Coconut and Lime. Natural Coconut and Lime Extract condition damaged skin.

COCONUT EXTRACT – Naturally contains the necessary proteins for tissue repair, keeping skin healthy and rejuvenated.

LIME EXTRACT – Helps tighten pores and reduce oil production for a brighter complexion. Naturally occurring citric acid also polishes skin by removing dead skin cells.

CONTAINS SAFFLOWER SEED OIL – Natural linoleic acid contains anti-inflammatory properties which help to fight skin conditions. It also prevents dryness and hydrates to provide healthy glow, while promoting elasticity.


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