Traditional way to make Delicious C? Ph? S?a ?? like in Vietnamese Ph? restaurants. This Coffee Filter (Phin) is used in Coffee shops all across Vietnam. Now you can make Ca Phe Sua Da at home.
Heavy Duty Stainless Steel (Inox). Built to last for many years. The three piece design is easy to use and quick to clean afterwards. Dishwasher Safe.
Heavy Weight Gravity Damper to prevent the coffee “blooming” and floating on the water. Tip: Pour a small of water and wait a few seconds for the coffee grounds to get saturated before filling the chamber with water. We recommend trying Anni Coffee or Trung Nguyen Coffee as they have the correct Grind.
A Great Way To Make Coffee Quick, Inexpensive, Reusable, Lightweight for travel,or backpacking.
Available in Single, Two Pack, and Four Packs. The 6Q is for brewing ~4 oz. The 7Q is for brewing ~6 oz. The 8Q will brew ~8 oz. The 9Q will brew ~10 oz. Please note the milk and the Ice melting will increase the amount of Coffee.


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