VonShef Coffee Dripper.

Add this clever device to your coffee making routine and discover how you can save money and enjoy an even better tasting pour-over brew. Crafted using food grade stainless steel this coffee dripper boasts a smart ultra-fine mesh to allow the smoothest coffee to pass through the filter for results with the fullest flavor.

Strong Stainless Steel.

A combination of long-lasting quality, strong, food-grade materials and a clever mesh filter, this dripper is the ideal alternative to paper. With this reusable dripper, you?ll minimize waste, minimize costs and get a fuller flavor, as the mesh won?t absorb the flavors that paper filters often do.

Rubber Handle.

The easy grip handle offers greater control to remove the dripper once your coffee has completely filtered through. The silicone cover is heat-resistant making it cool to touch and safer to use.

SMART ALTERNATIVE TO PAPER FILTERS ? not only is this permanent, reusable filter more cost-effective than replacement filters, unlike paper alternatives, the steel mesh won?t absorb any flavor, so the best of the brew always ends up in your cup
FINE-GRADE MESH ? completely filters out any ground coffee leaving you with a smooth consistency and rich texture
THE PERFECT FIT ? wide stand with rubber base is removable and offers greater stability, while preventing tipping or pouring accidents. It?s also compatible with most cups, mugs, pots and carafes
EASY CLEAN ? high quality, BPA free 304 stainless steel is dishwasher safe for added convenience
EASY GRIP HANDLE ? rubber is heat resistant and offers an improved grip for safer use


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