?? Bring your Barware collection to the next level with this High Class 8 Piece Whiskey Crystal Decanter set. This set includes a timeless, All Glass perfect size rectangle 24oz decanter with glass beveled fluted stopper. Gift Set includes 4 sophisticated 12oz whiskey Old Fashioned glasses, 12 Marble Whiskey Rocks, and 2 Velvet Bags all providing that classy style everyone is looking for! ?? Premium Quality designed to capture whiskey’s complex flavors and aromatics and deliver them to the senses like never before. This stylish Lead Free Crystal Decanter comes with four matching glasses. The 12 oz Rocks Glasses are perfect if you want to taste more than one shot of your favorite whiskey, scotch, bourbon or rum with ample room for water, ice, ice ball, Marble whisky stones or rocks. Plus they are Solid and built to last a life time and dishwasher safe. ?? Stunning old fashioned cocktail glass set with timeless design. unique design make it more special and artistically styled to add distinction to your bar line up, Liquor decanter, Bourbon bottle, Whiskey carafe, Lowball glasses, Bar glasses, glass tumbler all do not compare to this Decanter Set! ?? COMPLETE SET: Includes 24oz Crystal Air Tight Decanter, Four 12oz Crystal Glasses, 12 Marble Whiskey Stones, 2 Velvet Bags, Great Gift Box – Excellent gift for any occasion such as Anniversary Gift, Birthday Gift, Father’s Day Gift, Engagement Gift, Best Mans Gift or Business Gift. ?? Great Scotch, bourbon, Whiskey and blends deserve to be regarded with the utmost respect. Whether you enjoy your scotch neat or prefer old fashions, manhattans, and mixed drinks, this lustrous sparkling Air Tight Decanter with Scotch glasses gift sets are sure to please both purists and experimenters, alike. Reserved for High Class Drinker, this elegant Bourbon glass set can now be the main showpiece in your own Bar Collection.


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