MULTIPLE FUNCTIONS: The coffee machine can heat cold water and make coffee outdoors, can charge your mobile device, and can be used as a camping light. OPEN THE COFFEE MACHINE WITH ONE BUTTON: Grind the coffee with a single push PORTABLE COFFEE MACHINE: The most compact design and durable construction on the market, the coffee machine is ideal for travel, office, outdoor, apartment, car and more. ERGONOMIC COFFEE MACHINE: Improved water bottle design, comfortable handling, anti-drip dumping CONVENIENT SINGLE SERVICE: Make a cup of loose ground coffee

The classic coffee machine creates a rich, smooth and delicious coffee every time you expect from a coffee machine. Simple touch buttons make your brewing experience stress-free. Whether you like your coffee strong, mild, decaf, or flavored, you can use this product to make all your favorite coffee.

Product size:76?76?235(mm)
Rated power review:12V/80W
Use battery:dry battery 4 sections
Water tank capacity:140ml
Drink cup capacity:260mL
Production time:cold water 12 minutes/hot water 1 minute
Heating temperature:90-93C


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