STIR HOT BEVERAGES! These stirrers are designed for stirring in milk, cream, or sugar, use in your favorite cafe` latte, hot chocolate, tea or any drink! Wood can handle the high heat of beverages without transferring any wood taste. ECO-FRIENDLY! These stirrers are made from 100 percent white birch wood. Made from a renewable resource, wooden stirrers are more eco-friendly than plastic stirrers. They are biodegradable, and can be thrown out with food waste. CONVENIENT PRODUCT! As a one-time use product, these stirrers offer convenience. Save time and water by not having to wash! This product is 7″x 1/4 “Round ends. HIGH-QUALITY These wooden coffee stirrers are high quality, and will not shred or splinter. No splinters or pieces of wood in your beverage or mouth! Wooden stirrers are an economical alternative to bamboo stirrers. ESSENTIAL ITEM for break rooms or the office! Everyone will appreciate the convenience of having stir sticks available for their morning cup of coffee or tea! Great for home use- family and guests will love these stirrers!

These 7″ x 1/4 ” Environment Friendly stirrers are convenient and trendy addition to any home, office, hotel or restaurant. Family and Customers can grab one of these economical sticks when they want to stir their favorite drinks. They come in perfect sized pack with 1000 sticks so that you never run out of them!


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