??High Quality?: The milk frothing water tank is made of high-quality stainless steel, which is stylish in appearance, rust-proof, heat-resistant, and will not be damaged in daily use. ??Humanized Design?: The unique design of the narrow mouth is very suitable for pouring the liquid easily, and it can also prevent the liquid from leaking out of the jug and make the coffee pattern beautiful. The stainless steel milk frothing pitcher can help you control the power of your hands, so you can also focus on latte art. ??External Graduation Line?: Easy-to-read markings on the outside of the cup-the measured values on the outside make the measurement of liquids more intuitive. The high-quality stainless steel allows you to read these marks all year round. ??Versatility?: When you don’t need this cup, it can also be used as a container to hold the things you want. 12 oz milk frothing pitcher can hold things you can’t imagine. ??Customer service?: If unfortunately, our 12oz coffee milk froth cup does not work well, please contact us for exchange, We provide free return and replacement of Milk Frothing Pitcher for up to one month. If you have any further details, please feel free to contact our customer support team.


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