INCREDIBLE VALUE: Set of 2 Classic Traditional Turkish Tea Cups, Double Wall Glasses, 125ml or 4.25oz. Weighing less than ? lb, each cup is extremely lightweight! TOP QUALITY: Made of top quality borosilicate glass, it is durable and heat resistant as it is elegant. Verre Collection?s Turkish Tea Double Walled Cups is extremely lightweight, scratch-resistant and break-resistant from everyday use VERSATILITY: Each cup is perfect for black Turkish tea or Turkish coffee. Being double wall, gone are burnt fingers and the need for saucers! AUTHENTIC: Enjoy serving with ?aydanl?k, two stacked kettles and serve it hot to showcase its color. Traditional tea in Istanbul Turkey! Taste the difference. 100% GUARANTEE: With Verre Collection?s Guarantee and Warranty, rest assured these Turkish Tea Cup set is the perfect addition to the kitchen!

Verre Collection Classic Double Wall Turkish Tea Cups are perfect for Turkish tea, afternoon tea or black coffee. These glasses are a stylish and functional addition to any glassware collection. Mouth-blown by skilled glassblowers, each double-walled glass insulates its contents with thermo insulation – so hot drinks stay hot and cold drinks stay colder longer.

By adding an extra layer of glass, it adds air pockets in the cup?s structure, allowing you to hold the cup comfortably without burning your hands while enjoying your favorite hot beverage!

Built with strong and reinforced borosilicate, Verre Collection Double Wall Mugs resist cracking and breaking from normal everyday use and wear and tear. Find out why Verre Collection?s Double Wall Cups are considered stronger and better than the other competitors in the market.

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