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80 Micron Ultra Fine Mesh

The mesh is 80 micron, it means that the bag can stop all the solid particles whose diameter is larger than 80 micron, so the nut milk will be silk and smooth enough.

Big Opening, Easy to Use

The width of the bag is 12 inches, it means the diameter of the opening is 7.64 inches (12*2/3.14=7.64), it is big enough for you to pour the mixture into the bag.

Enhanced Double Stitches

The edge of the bag is double sewed, so it is strong enough, you can squeeze the bag and the mixture very hard. The stitch is very tiny, so the whey will not get into the space between the stitches.

With Drawstring

The string can help us to tie the opening of the bag when we strain our homemade nut milk mixture, and we can also hung the bag to dry with the string after we wash the bag.

Multiple Usage Food Strainer

Nut Milk

Make nut milk at home, enjoy the silk, organic and additive-free nut milk.

Fruit and Vegetable Juice

Make fruit and vegetable juice at home, improve your health, such as the celery juice can reduce blood press.


Make yogurt at home by our nut milk bag, you can control the ingredients of the yogurt as you want, such as you can make sugar-free yogurt.

Cold Brew Coffee

Add coffee ground into the bag, then soak the bag into pure water, the recommended ratio of coffee to water is 1:10, then put the container into refrigerator for about 12 hours, then take the bag out, you can get delicious cold brew coffee, whose flavor is less acid and a little sweeter than hot coffee.

The perfect reusable filter for celery juice!


Cut the celery into segments, put them into a blender, and a little water, then blend the segments into mixture.


Put the bag into a big bowl, and pour the mixture into the bag, then squeeze the bag, all the solid content can be intercepted by our premium bag, then you can get the celery juice


Enjoy your homemade celery juice, it is very healthy.

80 micron ultra fine mesh, better than other brands’ bag and cheesecloth!!!

Pour the mixture into the ultra fine bag.

Put our premium nut milk bag in to a bowl, and pour the mixture into the bag, the wide opening design let this process becoming simple.

Filter out all of the cheese.

Tie the drawstring and lift up the bag, our ultra fine bag can filter out all of the cheese. You can filter out more cheese if you use our 80 micron reusable mesh bag, and save a lot of money.

Get your cheese and very clear whey

You can find the whey is very clear, it means our bag is very finer than cheesecloth. This is the advantage of our 80 micron nylon mesh. Other brands is 120 micron mesh, it can not intercept some small particles of the cheese,so their whey is very turbid.

How to make nut milk with our nut milk bag?


Soak 1 cup of almond into pure water for 1-4 hours.


Prepare 4 cups of pure water, the recommended ratio of almond to water is 1:4.


Add the almond and pure water into a blender respectively.


Blend the almond and pure water for 1-2 minutes, adjust the time depending on the power of your blender.


Pour the mixture into our iAesthete nut milk bag, then squeeze the bag to get the nut milk. Our bag is fine enough to intercept the particles of the pulp.


Enjoy your homemade organic and additive-free nut milk.


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